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A true digital transformation for one of Perth's most iconic beachfront venues in

North Fremantle, cloud-based CRM, marketing automation integration, and improved user-experience aimed to drastically increase awareness and bookings.

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The Challenge

Being such a well-known and popular hospitality venue for weddings and events, Coast Port Beach (previously known as Salt on the Beach) struggled to drive traffic or enquiries through the website. The main issues were that the current system lacked in performance, content and promotion which did not encourage users to make an enquiry or book online.

Coast Port Beach also relied heavily on old school excel spreadsheet as a point of storing database without any digital marketing strategy to outdo competitors and retarget existing clients/customers.

The Solution

It was clear that Coast Port Beach needed a fully optimised website developed with content rewrite-up and cloud-based sales & marketing systems integration in a way that the staff can easily manage all the content and leads follow up anytime, anywhere. The user experience (UX) was one that supported an intuitive purchasing journey that catered for all the possible ways a user may like to book the venue for their next event/wedding.


Our team wanted to remove the daily reliance on the excel spreadsheets to follow up with prospects. Hence, we integrated the website with a cloud-based CRM and marketing automation platform to streamline the lead generation process to help the business achieve revenue goals. As a result of the implementation, all customer information including lead status for each client was instantly reflected on the system.

After we published the website, we continued to provide SEO, SEM, content strategy, email marketing, lead generation management via CRM and affiliate partnerships support, designed to drive traffic and continuous leads for the business. 

The Results

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The web traffic increased from less than 1000 visitors per month to more than 15,000 visitors in 6 months time and at least 200 venue booking enquiries monthly through the website. Majority of the visitors were generated from organic, referrals and direct. This helped Coast Port Beach reduce its cost per lead over time from paid channels and outperform its competitors online for selected industry keywords. 


The interactive systems integration also allowed the business to focus on operational duties while automated marketing processes were introduced to retarget and qualify online prospects, making it a more efficient use of the sales team's time, while increasing brand awareness and engagement with the prospects until they've made a decision. 


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